Shout to the Lord

17 Oct
The Story Behind the Song
by Daryl-Anne Le Roux
Darlene Zschech Darlene Zschech the writer of the songs says, “The melody is simple and the lyrics are generally from the Word,” she explains. “It just came from a quiet time I had with the Lord.”Although she had been writing songs since she was 15, she didn’t even consider herself to be a songwriter, but she does recall, however what inspired the song. “It was one of those dark days in my life,” she remembers. “Everything felt as if it was on top of me, there seemed to be no way out and the only one I could turn to was the Lord.” Desperate for His peace, she opened to the Psalms. As she sat at the old piano, she began tinkling the keys and Shout to the Lord flowed from her heart.

She smiles when she describes the scene. “The piano was a gift from my parents when I was five years only. It’s old and I’m sure was even a little out of tune. I wasn’t even consciously thinking about the song,” she says, “but I sang it and sang it, over and over again, and it lifted me up.”

That is how the song was born. From the depths of despair, it took her to the heights of faith. Over the next few days, the song didn’t leave her and it began to dawn on her that it might be a worship song.

“Shout To The Lord” was written at time when a child of God ran to her Lord, seeking Him in the midst of desperation. As you sing it you are filled with faith, strength and peace – exactly what Darlene experienced the day she wrote it.

Darlene grabs a Bible and turns to Psalm 96. You can see her passion for the Word shining as she describes what it means to her: seeing the sea roaring and the mountains bowing down. You catch a glimpse of what inspired the song: the true love and pure heart focussed completely on her beloved Lord.

If you want to read the whole article… (10/17/07)

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  1. Gary

    November 11, 2007 at 1:40 am

    You have not updated in awhile, just wanted to let you know that I do check it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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